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Cannabis dispensary insurance in Vermont

Each state has its own laws and regulations for cannabis business insurance. In Vermont, cannabis is approved for both medical and adult recreational use. Dispensaries are not required to carry cannabis business insurance in order to operate legally.

What types of insurance do Vermont dispensaries need?

In Vermont, cannabis businesses are regulated by the Vermont Cannabis Control Board (CCB). The CCB does not require licensed cannabis businesses to carry cannabis business insurance.

However, when submitting an application for a business license, cannabis businesses should include a plan for obtaining liability insurance.

All cannabis businesses should carry general liability insurance, which they might need to sign a commercial lease, a loan, or a contract. A commercial general liability policy covers the most common risks of owning a small business, such as lawsuits from customers who suffer an injury or property damage at your shop.

To comply with Vermont law, your business needs to carry workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees. And, if you have any business-owned vehicles, state law requires that you carry commercial auto insurance.

Keep in mind that although Vermont has approved cannabis for medical and recreational use, each city and town is permitted to decide whether or not to allow cannabis businesses. You’ll need to research your state, county, and city laws to make sure your dispensary or other cannabis business is obeying the rules.

What other types of business insurance do I need for my cannabis dispensary?

While there are no cannabis business insurance requirements in Vermont for running a dispensary, it's still a good idea to get coverage to keep your business protected. Dispensary owners should also consider the following policies:

  • Product liability insurance covers legal costs if a customer sues over harm caused by a product sold at your dispensary, such as an adverse reaction to an edible. It’s often included in general liability insurance.
  • Commercial property insurance helps pay for lost, damaged, or destroyed business property. For example, it can cover the cost of replacing stolen inventory or renovating a marijuana dispensary’s building after a fire.
  • Property policies can include business interruption insurance, which covers costs when a fire or other covered property claim forces your business to close temporarily.
  • Additionally, you may need inland marine insurance to protect property in transit or stored off-site, as property insurance only covers items at your business location.

While these are a top priority for cannabis sellers, they aren’t the only policies you need to run a business. You can always call our dedicated agent at (872) 260-5150 if you’re unsure which policies you need.

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What are the laws and requirements for cannabis businesses in Vermont?

Although there are no cannabis business insurance requirements, there are several other requirements for running a cannabis facility in Vermont.

Perhaps most important, you need a license [PDF] from the CCB to open a dispensary or other cannabis business. To keep that license, you need to follow the CCB's rules about selling, storing, and transporting cannabis.

For example, Vermont requires cannabis businesses to:

  • Log the time of receipt when receiving cannabis or a cannabis product from a transport
  • Establish and train employees on inventory controls and procedures
  • Install a security alarm system that includes video surveillance
  • Develop and maintain standard operating procedures that addresses store operational policies, such as employee security and quality control
  • Follow marketing and advertising regulations, including having the required health warnings

Be sure to read Vermont's laws and requirements [PDF] to make sure your cannabis business is in full compliance.

How can I get business insurance for my Vermont dispensary?

If you run a dispensary, you can complete Insureon’s easy online application to get quotes from top U.S. carriers. For other cannabis businesses, you can call our dedicated agent at (872) 260-5150 to get insurance quotes for your business. Once you find a policy that fits your needs, you can begin coverage in less than 24 hours.

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Updated: April 20, 2023
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