General liability insurance for cannabis businesses

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General liability insurance

General liability insurance covers common business risks like customer injury, customer property damage, and advertising injury. It protects your small business from the high costs of lawsuits and helps you qualify for leases and contracts.

General liability protects against common risks

General liability insurance covers common lawsuits brought by customers and other people outside your business.

Cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) face a high risk of customer injuries and property damage. A visitor could slip on the floor of a dispensary, or a customer could have an allergic reaction to marijuana or a CBD product.

General liability insurance can help pay for an injured customer’s medical bills, along with legal expenses if they decide to sue your business.

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State laws and commercial leases often require this coverage

As the legalization of marijuana spreads, state laws increasingly require cannabis businesses to carry general liability insurance. You'll need to research the laws in your state to determine how much coverage you need.

If you rent a commercial space, your landlord might also require you to carry this coverage.

What coverage does general liability provide for cannabis businesses?

General liability insurance covers the basic risks of interacting with customers, clients, and other third parties. Your policy may cover:

Customer injuries

If a customer or delivery person slips and falls at your cannabis business, there's a chance you could be blamed for the injury. If the person decides to sue, you could end up paying for medical expenses – plus the cost of hiring a lawyer. General liability insurance can cover:

  • Medical bills
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Court-ordered judgments
  • Settlements

Customer property damage

General liability insurance provides coverage when a customer’s property is damaged. For example, if a customer trips over a box at your business, breaks their smartphone, and sues, your general liability policy could help pay for damages. This policy can also cover legal expenses if a customer sues to recoup costs.

For protection for your own business property, look to commercial property insurance. This policy can pay for repair or replacement of business property that's stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

Advertising injuries

While creating an advertising campaign for your cannabis business, it’s possible to inadvertently copy a logo or slogan you saw elsewhere. Accidental advertising injuries are covered by general liability insurance, including:

  • Defamation, both libel (written) and slander (spoken)
  • Copyright infringement

Harm caused by your product

For third-party claims related to your products, you'll need product liability insurance. A product liability policy can help cover legal costs if a customer sues over an injury or property damage caused by your product.

This coverage is crucial for manufacturers, cultivators, and any other business involved in the production, sale, or distribution of cannabis products. You can often add it as an endorsement to your general liability policy.

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