Employment practices liability

Employment practices liability
Tips for responding to sexual harassment complaints at your small business
Sexual harassment complaints in the work place need to be taken seriously and handled with great care. Here's how to proceed if an employee files a sexual harassment complaint at your company.
Employment practices liability
Nearly half of small businesses don't provide sexual harassment training
An Insureon poll of small businesses revealed common practices regarding sexual harassment training, prevalence, and response.
Employment practices liability
Employment practices liability insurance: What small businesses should know
If an employee sues your business for sexual harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination, employment practices liability insurance can help your business resolve the lawsuit.
General liability insurance
How to fight your 4 big employee risks with business insurance

Employees bring value to your company, but also risks. Protect your business from employee risk with general liability, professional liability, workers' compensation, and employment practices...

Employment practices liability
How do courts decide misclassification penalties?
J&A services, a Colorado-based gas and oil monitoring and maintenance company, settled a lawsuit for misclassifying employees as independent contractors for $2 million.
Employment practices liability
What to do if you suspect employee theft at your business
Proceed with caution when you suspect that an employee has been stealing from your business.
Employment practices liability
Do small businesses need employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)?
Employment discrimination lawsuits are among the most expensive to settle. Your small business may benefit from EPLI in order to mitigate potential risks related to employment practices.
Employment practices liability
Employment discrimination lawsuits: Case studies
Businesses that fail to follow the strict laws surrounding employment discrimination and harassment can suffer expensive consequences.
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