Employment practices liability

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Professional liability / E&O insurance
Decreasing your liability exposure is critical to the success of your business.
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Employment practices liability
Sexual misconduct complaints in the workplace need to be taken seriously and handled with great care. It's also important to carry employment practices liability insurance to protect against a claim.
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Businesses that don't provide access in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act can face harsh civil penalties. Learn how your business can manage ADA lawsuits with careful compliance and...

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Growing a business
Business owners have the right to refuse service to customers for legitimate reasons. Learn when it’s legal to turn away a would-be customer, and when it could land you in court.
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Employment practices liability
If an employee sues your business for sexual harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination, employment practices liability insurance can help your business resolve the lawsuit.
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Employment practices liability
The best way to protect your business is to ensure that your employees don't face harassment or discrimination at the workplace.
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Employment practices liability
Proceed with caution when you suspect that an employee has been stealing from your business.
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Employment practices liability
Employment discrimination lawsuits are among the most expensive to settle. Your small business may benefit from EPLI in order to mitigate potential risks related to employment practices.
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Employment practices liability
Businesses that fail to follow the strict laws surrounding employment discrimination and harassment can suffer expensive consequences.
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Employment practices liability
Bullying in the workplace, while not illegal, can put your business at risk of an employment practices lawsuit if left unchecked.
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