Business continuity

Why canceling business insurance may cost more than keeping your coverage
Dropping your business insurance may seem like an easy way to trim your budget during the COVID-19 shutdown, but you may pay a high price in the long run.
What you need to know about remote working risks
Learn what your workers’ compensation, cyber liability, and commercial property insurance policies cover when employees telecommute.
What you need to know about coronavirus if you have employees
The ongoing coronavirus outbreak is hurting small businesses across all industries. Companies with employees have even more at stake.
Answers to your coronavirus (COVID-19) business insurance coverage questions
The coronavirus outbreak has left many small business owners wondering if their insurance covers losses caused by the pandemic. Insureon experts answer the most frequently asked questions.
How to protect your small business's bottom line from coronavirus
The economic impact of the coronavirus continues to grow. These practical steps can help keep your customers, employees, and business healthy.
What you need to know about the coronavirus and special event insurance
The coronavirus is causing event cancellations around the world, and special event insurance may not reimburse you for losses.
Business interruption insurance
What's your business continuity plan?
Most companies can't survive a long interruption after a disaster strikes, but a business continuity plan can prop up your business until you're back in action.
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