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Small Business Trend Watch: Cash & Dish Mobs Support Local Spots

20. February 2013 16:32

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The last several years have been tumultuous ones for small businesses in America. The spread of big box stores has caused a slow leak of business from mom-and-pop businesses for decades, and the recent recession added a forceful wallop.

But even as many small businesses saw revenue dry up, the ranks of small-business owners swelled as millions of laid off and displaced workers launched their own independent firms. Today, more than 40 million Americans work for themselves, and analysts expect that number to rise to 40 percent of the total workforce by 2019.

As more and more of us have observed these shifts, a new mindset has emerged: the Shop Local movement encourages people around the United States to spend their money at locally owned shops rather than chains to boost the local economy and the business owners behind it.

Supporting Local Business in Mobs

Unsurprisingly, the Shop Local movement has found energy and organization on the Internet through the power of so-called cash mobs. These events…

Bringing a Cash Mob to Your Business

So how can you bring a stream of customers to your business (and others in your area) through a cash mob? Be sure to have a plan in place to take full advantage of any event you plan, from start to finish, including…

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Small Business Trends

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