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What $500 Could Buy Your Business

4. February 2013 08:22
how to grow your business with $500

As you may already know, insureon is currently running a giveaway for small-business owners, and the top prize is a $500 American Express gift card. So what can the winner do with $500? Consider these business-growth ideas that cost $500 or less.

Business Gadgets and Gear for Less than $500

If you’re in the market for new business equipment, $500 can get you…

Skill-Building Opportunities for Less than $500

The variety of in-person and online courses currently available means you could spend $500 to learn…

Marketing Moves for Less than $500

Attract new clients to your business by spreading the word about what you have to offer with by spending $500 on…

Team Bonding Activities for Less than $500

Build team spirit and commitment to your bottom line by investing $500 in…

Other Business Boosters than Cost Less than $500

Of course, not every business-growing idea fits neatly into a category. You can also benefit your business by spending $500 on a…

If you haven’t yet entered to win the $500 American Express gift card and other great prizes (including an iPad 2 and $100 in gear for your business), enter on our Facebook page!

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