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Small Business Spotlight: What Makes a Small Company Great?

11. January 2013 11:43

Joe Flanagan, Chairman and CEO of the sales firm Acquirent, has a classic entrepreneurial story: in 2003, he joined two other innovators to help businesses with excellent ideas and products better connect with their target consumers.

The solution Flanagan and his partners developed was, like many entrepreneurial ideas, brilliant in its simplicity: train dynamic individuals to excel at sales in a variety of industries, then outsource those salespeople to the companies that need them.

In the decade since its founding, Acquirent’s model has proven wildly popular with businesses ranging from small tech startups to Fortune 500 firms. It has mushroomed from its three founders to 85 employees and counting. Last year, Acquirent received well-deserved recognition for its growth when it was named one of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies.

Even as the Acquirent model yields explosive growth, Flanagan and his partners have worked hard to maintain the small-business culture of openness and excellence that they originally established.

Watch the video to hear in Flanagan’s own words how he guides his team forward and what it takes to make a small business great.

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