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5 Trends You Need to Know About for 2015

5. December 2014 08:06
2015 is right around the corner – is your small business up to speed with the upcoming trends in store? Learn about which trends you can capitalize on. [More]

Read This Post, Save $14,000

1. December 2014 08:30
This year, 1,939 small businesses were sued over disabled-access violations. Learn how your business can avoid lawsuits, comply with the ADA, and reach more customers. [More]

Setting Holiday Hours for Your Business

26. November 2014 06:18
Thinking about shortening your business hours for the holidays? Check out 5 tips you need to know before you change your business’s schedule. [More]

Serving Booze over the Holidays? 4 Ways it Can Come Back to Haunt You

24. November 2014 08:34
If you plan to serve booze at holiday parties, you need to be prepared for the potential fallout. Discover ways you can be held responsible for the drinking-related fouls of your guests. [More]

Make a Better Impression on 88% of Your Potential Clients

17. November 2014 08:35
Want to leave a lasting and positive impression on potential clients? Learn how to leverage online reviews to your small business’s advantage. [More]

Holiday Gift Giving for Clients, Employees, and Business Partners

12. November 2014 07:45
Giving gifts in a professional setting can be tricky, so it’s best to arm yourself with some tips first! Check out this concise gift-giving guide for help. [More]

Hiring Temps This Year? Make Sure They're Safe

7. November 2014 08:34
OSHA launched an initiative to help reduce workplace injuries involving temp workers. If you plan to hire temporary help this holiday season, know your obligations. [More]

“Take It from Someone Who’s Been There” – Retirement Saving Tips for Small-Business Owners

5. November 2014 07:42
Saving for retirement can be difficult as a small-business owner, but it can't wait. Learn tips from Jeff Oster to avoid the same mistakes he made. [More]

Hiring for the Holidays

24. October 2014 08:10
Need some extra help to get your business through the holiday hustle and bustle? Check out these tips for finding part-time help. [More]

How Many Natural Disasters Does It Take to Ruin a Small Business?

6. October 2014 07:52
Can your business survive a natural disaster and live to tell the tale? Use these disaster preparedness tips to shore up your business protection plan. [More]