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How to protect your business from wind and hail damage

4. March 2019 23:35
While you can’t control the weather, you can minimize its impact on your business’s property. Take the following steps to protect your business from wind and hail. [More]

8 workplace safety tips for employers

4. March 2019 19:55
Workplace safety is extremely valuable for any business. Employee retention, greater productivity, and reduced workers’ comp costs are a few benefits of a strong safety program. [More]

8 tips for preventing water damage at your business

1. March 2019 23:41
Burst pipes and water damage can be financially devastating to a business. Learn how to mitigate the risks through preventative steps and adequate insurance coverage. [More]

A lesson about general liability insurance for bar owners

7. September 2018 18:41
When customers walk into a bar, they are increasingly looking for more than just a drink – they're also on the hunt for a power outlet to charge their cell phones. If bartenders agree to charge phones it creates goodwill with customers, but also opens up the bar to liability. [More]

5 risk management tips for IT businesses

14. August 2018 21:47
Creating a risk management plan combined with purchasing small business insurance can help IT business owners ensure that a liability lawsuit doesn't cause serious financial harm to their company. [More]

7 risk management strategies for restaurants and other food businesses

14. August 2018 21:01
Food service businesses face a variety of risks, from employee injuries to customer allergies. Learn how to create an effective restaurant risk management plan to minimize your risk, including employee training, equipment maintenance, and food service business insurance. [More]

The pros and cons of hiring summer interns

5. June 2018 20:10
For small businesses looking to hire for summer internships, finding a reliable, hardworking intern who is excited to contribute to your company’s success comes with its own unique set of pros and cons. Here’s a look at some of the most common ones. [More]

Business risks with paid and unpaid internships

1. June 2018 14:07
Does your small business offer unpaid internships for students and young professionals? A recent federal ruling is predicted to bring changes to the modern internship. Insureon helps you stay protected with tips on keeping your internship program legal and beneficial to your interns and your business.[More]

6 Tips for Paying Down Business Debt

8. December 2017 17:12
Debt can hinder a small business, so manage it before it gets out of hand. These 6 tips from Fundera can help. [More]

Can You Legally Refuse to Serve Your Customers?

28. June 2017 14:38
When you turn people away from your business, you run the risk of bad press and being sued over the incident if the person belongs to a protected class. Learn more. [More]
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