Disaster recovery

Woman at home sanitizing hands
The ongoing coronavirus outbreak is hurting small businesses across all industries. Companies with employees have even more at stake.
Factory burns and emits black cloud of smoke.
Business interruption insurance
Most companies can't survive a long interruption after a disaster strikes, but a business continuity plan can prop up your business until you're back in action.
Commercial building engulfed in flames.
Property insurance
Fire is one of the most common and most expensive commercial insurance claims for small businesses. Here’s how to make sure you’re financially and physically protected from the risk of fire.
A pile of burnt computers.
IT & technology professionals
Without an IT disaster recovery plan, a natural disaster or data breach could disrupt or shut down your business. These tips will help you reduce your risks and get back to business as usual.
Man becomes overwhelmed calculating receipts.
Business interruption insurance
When an event like a fire or a natural disaster temporarily closes your business, your business interruption insurance can cover employee wages until you're able to reopen.
Abraham Lincoln wearing a mask
The economic impact of the coronavirus continues to grow. These practical steps can help keep your customers, employees, and business healthy.
Aerial photo of a city flooded by an adjacent river.
Disaster recovery
A recent poll found 61% of small business owners don't have a formal disaster recovery plan and 60% lack business interruption insurance.
Rubble sits outside homes damaged from flooding.
Small business stories

Unfortunately, many businesses are affected by a natural disaster at some point. In this interview, eMazzanti Technologies gives business owners tips on maintaining business continuity and recovering...

Building collapsing after earthquake hits.
Small business insurance

Many small business owners are surprised to discover their commercial property insurance doesn't include earthquake coverage. If your building is at risk of damage from earthquakes, you may need an...

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