Business owner's policy

How to write a restaurant business plan and avoid risks
If you are opening your own restaurant your success may be dependent on a well thought out business plan and adequate protection from associated risks.
Property insurance
How to protect your business from wind and hail damage
Having adequate small business insurance in place will help your business recover from wind and hail.
Marketing consultants
How to start a marketing consulting business
A marketing consultant can help businesses improve branding and develop strategies to better reach customers.
General liability insurance
Questions to ask before buying business insurance
Before buying commercial insurance, small business owners should research what different policies cover, how much they cost, and how to save money on business insurance.
How to start a consulting business
More companies than ever are relying on consultants to execute a variety of jobs.
Insurance professionals
How to become a licensed insurance agent
Working as an insurance agent allows for flexibility, and it often takes only a few weeks to acquire a license.
General liability insurance
Commercial insurance renewal checklist
To ensure that your business has adequate insurance coverage, don't skip an annual review of your commercial insurance policies.
IT / Technology
5 risk management tips for IT businesses
Because IT professionals are often privy to sensitive information, they need to take extra measures to manage risks and prepare for the unexpected. These five tips will help protect your IT business.
Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers
What kind of work do you do?