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How to start a landscaping business from the ground up

8. March 2013 11:15
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If you’re among the many people who have dreamed of starting a lawn care or landscaping business, having a green thumb isn’t the only thing you’ll need. Just as with any new venture, you’ll need to ask yourself: Do I understand the industry? Do I have the proper equipment? Do I have enough money?

While it may be tempting to jump in with both feet, your success will depend on making the right business and financial decisions and then learning how to attract and retain clients so you can secure a steady stream of revenue.

Here are five steps to help you start a landscaping, lawn care, or irrigation operation in your area.

Step 1: Understand the landscaping and lawn care industry

Before launching your career as a landscaping professional, it’s essential to understand how to start a lawn care business in the market and city where you live. Starting a landscaping business from scratch is nearly impossible without this knowledge. Take some time to research the following:

If you’re not immediately ready to start your own landscaping business, a great way to conduct this research is to work for a similar business for a while. This is especially helpful if you are learning how to start a landscaping business with no experience. You’ll gain valuable market knowledge without all the capital risk required to start your own business.

Step 2: Crunching the numbers

Once you’ve figured out who you’ll serve and what work you’ll be doing, it’s time to get serious about the finance and business aspects of your venture. You’ll need to consider a number of factors for your landscaping business plan, including:

Step 3: Attracting new clients

Once you’ve done your research on the industry and the costs, the real fun (and work) can begin. You’ll need to focus on getting your landscaping or lawn care business off the ground with advertising, marketing, and more. You’ll also need to keep it strong for the long haul by finding the right insurance and hiring the right employees.

While lawn care flyers hung around the neighborhood used to be the gold standard for advertising, today’s lawn care business owners must consider more than one way to promote themselves, including:

Step 4: Hiring employees

If you find you require someone besides yourself to serve your clients, you’ll need to have a strategy for finding the right employees for your business. While your individual needs will dictate some of your hiring decisions, a few basic principles can help all landscaping businesses:

Step 5: Protecting your business and clients

While running a landscaping or lawn care business means you’ll get to spend your days outside in the sunshine, it also means you’ll face a number of risks. You could break your expensive equipment, damage a client’s property, or even cause injuries to one of your customers or employees.

Lawn care and landscaping business insurance can protect you against all these risks. With adequate insurance policies in place, you can avoid spending your hard-earned profits on expenses related to accidents, property damage, and personal injuries that happen on the job.

This post was updated in October 2018


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