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Top 5 Risks for Understaffed Small Businesses

21. January 2013 16:13
understaffed small businesses

A survey of small businesses conducted last year found that more than a third of them — 35 percent — report being understaffed, but only about 21 percent plan to hire new employees in the coming months.

Worries about the economy and future cash-flow, an inability to find qualified workers, and concerns about rising health-care costs top the reasons small-business owners gave for such shortages.

While money worries are a legitimate reason to hold back on hiring, you should be aware of the potentially costly risks that come from running an understaffed operation.

Risks of an Understaffed Workspace

Here's a look at what these risks are and how you can manage them.

Managing the Risks of an Understaffed Workplace

Taking a proactive approach to mitigating your business risk is essential to staying optimally productive until you're ready and able to hire a new team member. Your risk management plan should include…


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