Insurance claims

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Cyber liability insurance

There has never been a greater risk of cyberattacks against small businesses, and the costs have never been higher. Learn why cyber insurance claims are so expensive, and how cyber liability...

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Business insurance tips
What's the difference between an insurance claim and a suit? Read the below story about Ritrama's claims and suits to learn the important distinction between the two.
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Workers' compensation insurance
To access workers' comp benefits, the employee and the employer must follow certain steps to ensure the injury is compensable.
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Workers' compensation insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance protects your business and your employees in case of a work-related injury or illness, although a claim can still impact your bottom line through higher premiums and...

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An unhappy client might sue your construction business for building defects or work delays. Even if you weren't responsible, fighting a lawsuit can be costly and time-consuming. Learn how to protect...

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Insurance professionals
Insurance agents should take steps to protect themselves from costly errors and omissions claims, including being adequately insured themselves.
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Insurance claims

Failing to contact your business insurance provider immediately after an accident, not documenting property damage, and admitting fault for an incident can affect your claim amount or whether you’ll...

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Professional liability / E&O
If your business is sued by a client, you should immediately begin the process of making a claim on your professional liability insurance.
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