For Physical and Athletic Trainers, 78 Million Baby Boomers Present Opportunity and Risk

January 9, 2013

Insureon's New Specialized Insurance Offerings Help Trainers Protect Against Fitness Injuries

CHICAGO – January 9, 2013

The growing number of health-conscious seniors might seem like a golden opportunity for fitness and athletic instructors; however, with 2.5 million boomers sent to emergency rooms for exercise-related injuries each year, this opportunity also poses a greater risk to instructors' businesses, according to insureon, the leading online agent for small business insurance.

Athletic trainers are adept at determining just how hard to push subjects to help them realize goals and achieve maximum physical performance. But the difference between peak performance and injury can narrow for baby boomers, causing injuries that lead to medical bills and, potentially, lawsuits.

"Successful business owners identify opportunities within their markets; however, it is as critical to determine where those opportunities also have underlying risks," said Ted Devine, chief executive officer of insureon. "As trainers look to ensure their services match this growing market, they also need to reexamine their insurance coverage to make sure it is adequate to handle this increased risk– whether it is injury to the client, damage to gym equipment or injury to themselves."

Though liability waivers have become commonplace at gyms and athletic clubs, courts sometimes invalidate these documents or allow lawsuits to stand. And even if the lawsuit is ultimately won or disallowed, the legal fees alone can be enough to sink a small business.

To protect their businesses, physical and athletic trainers can turn to insureon's new specialized allied health insurance coverage. The offerings focus on the most urgent insurance needs, including:

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Even with the most diligent and safe practices, accidents happen, particularly when every client has different physical abilities. With the high cost of medical bills, a minor strain or muscle pull can be exceedingly expensive. In these cases, liability insurance would not only cover the medical bills businesses are responsible for, but also for any legal fees associated from any errors or misjudgments that led to the injury. Without sufficient coverage, owners might risktheir personal assets in addition to their business.
  • General Liability Insurance: For the personal trainer, the exercise equipment is the lifeblood that helps make their jobs easy. Unfortunately, it is also expensive. A general liability policy protects this equipment if it breaks, something that is necessary even if the equipment is covered under a warranty. The general policy also covers the business owner from liability from accidents that happen at the place of work, including slips and falls.

With insureon as their online insurance agent, allied health businesses gain access to the nation's most respected, A-rated business insurance carriers as well as licensed insurance agents trained to identify the best possible insurance products to meet their needs. For more information on insureon's allied health offerings, please visit


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