The Combined Power of Marketing and Sales

CHICAGO, March 11, 2024 – Jeff Kroeger, President of Insureon, spoke about growing a digital insurance agency on the Insurance Marketing & Communications Association (IMCA) Peer2Peer podcast.

Jeff talked to the podcast hosts about the benefits of a fully remote team – including the widespread access to talent this opportunity provides. He also touched on the ways Insureon maintains productivity and camaraderie among team members across 33 states.

Beyond team building, Jeff reflected on how the newer Chief Commercial Officer role is enabling streamlined collaboration between marketing and sales. He also mentioned how this combined approach can help marketers better understand customers and provide sales professionals with the right messaging and feedback to sell more effectively.

Additionally, Jeff shared how coordinating marketing and sales initiatives can be one of the biggest challenges for a company to manage. He stressed that data helps determine next steps, especially when it comes to understanding your customer base—why they're shopping, what they're shopping for, and how. By focusing on insights, and having skilled teammates collaborate, Jeff has been pleased to see Insureon grow and become the #1 digital agency for small business insurance.

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About Jeff Kroeger, President of Insureon

Jeff is responsible for Insureon's corporate strategy, operations, sales, and marketing functions. He has more than a decade of commercial insurance experience, most recently as Insureon's Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to Insureon, Jeff held a number of leadership positions at top insurance carriers, such as The Hartford and CNA. He's also Chair of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation, Midwest Division, and a graduate of the University of Michigan. View LinkedIn.

About Insureon

Headquartered in Chicago, Insureon is the largest independent agency for the online delivery of commercial insurance to small- and medium-sized businesses. Its e-commerce platform allows customers to easily get insurance quotes from top-rated companies, buy policies, and manage their coverage. Insureon is licensed in all 50 states and specializes in numerous industries. For more information, visit

About IMCA Peer2Peer podcast

IMCA invites insurance marketing specialists, managers, directors, sales professionals, CMOs, brokers, agents, and industry partners to tune in as they uncover new ideas, trends, and best practices episode after episode. The goal of the Peer2Peer podcast is to provide insight to listeners – including tips and formulas for finding the secret sauce to successful marketing and communications in the insurance industry. For more information, visit