Insureon Unveils Redesigned Universal Application to Streamline and Expedite the Insurance-Buying Process

CHICAGO, Feb. 22, 2021Insureon, the largest independent agency for the online delivery of commercial insurance to small- and medium-sized businesses, recently unveiled an entirely redesigned universal application. The new UApp, which integrates with over 30 carriers, quickly and effortlessly automates the quoting and rating process, enabling business owners and agents to obtain quotes from a variety of carriers in seconds, not hours.

“Insureon’s new universal application is the most dynamic and user-friendly interface and, in the small- and mid-sized business market, the only single-entry access to all the top carriers,” said Jeff Kroeger, Insureon’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Based on our years of experience, we were able to use the latest technology to cut down the questions by more than 50% – dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to complete an application. This streamlines and simplifies the insurance-buying experience, greatly benefiting both agents and business owners.”

Insureon’s proprietary application is available to business owners via and insurance brokerages and agencies via Insureon Accelerate. Insureon Accelerate is the most sophisticated, fastest and easiest to use service to obtain multiple quotes for small commercial insurance in the industry. The cloud-based SaaS platform is accurate, reliable, intuitive, and so flexible it can be used anywhere.

“In today’s competitive business environment, speed and efficiency are essential for success,” said Dan Kazan, Insureon’s Chief Executive Officer. “Insureon’s new UApp improves the process for both agents and business owners, saving them a tremendous amount of time and effort, enabling them to better serve their clients while improving the bottom line."

About Insureon

Headquartered in Chicago, Insureon is the largest independent agency for the online delivery of commercial insurance to small and medium-sized businesses. Its ecommerce platform allows customers to easily compare insurance quotes from top-rated companies, buy policies, and manage their coverage. Insureon is licensed in all 50 states and specializes in numerous industries. Insureon also licenses its technology to other brokerages, independent agencies and industry participants through its SaaS product, “Accelerate.” For more information, visit

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