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Chapter 3: Tips for Finding Small Business Insurance
Part 2: Finding Small Business Insurance with a Trusted Insurance Agent

Now that you've read about what it takes to secure small business insurance on your own, we'll explore an alternative: working with a trusted insurance agent. There are several perks to working with a licensed insurance agent, and we walk you through the benefits below.

The Application Process

On your own, you have to hunt down insurance companies and ask for quotes. When you work with an agent, he or she takes care of that for you. Insureon's experts compile quotes for comparison for you to review at your leisure. All that's required of you is to complete a single, online insurance application with a few details about your business.

Once you submit your application, our agents (real people — not automated systems!) round up quotes for policies that fit your needs. And because we have relationships with leading insurance agencies, you can count on your policy for reliable terms and quick payouts.

Asking the Right Questions

Is there anything more frustrating than calling a company for help, only to get an endless automated menu? At insureon, we have a team of insurance agents who are here to help you throughout the life of your policy — and not just when it's time to renew.

We understand that buying insurance or handling a claim can be complicated, and we take pride in giving each client the time and attention their business deserves. So if you ever have a question about your policy, a type of coverage, or a claim, just give us a call and ask.

Working with an Industry Specialist Agent

The agent assigned to work with you throughout the life of your policy is also an expert in insuring businesses in your industry. That's right — no more trying to explain what it is you do or the risks you face. Our licensed agents already know what makes your business tick, which allows them to tailor plans to your needs. That means your policy will have the appropriate coverages you need — no more, no less.

Avoiding Insurance Industry Jargon

As you may already know, insurance comes with a metric ton of industry terms and legal speak. But something our clients appreciate is the fact that we don't expect them to be insurance experts — that's what we're here for! It's part of our mission to help small-business owners understand their insurance policies so they can make informed, confident decisions.

So if you have any questions about how insurance works or what a term in your policy means, our insureon agents are happy to explain it in plain English.

Ready to buy business insurance the easy way? Let insureon handle the heavy lifting! To get going, complete our online insurance application. We may be able to send you competitive quotes in as little as 24 hours.

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