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Target's Cyber Liability Insurance Covered 36% of Its Data Breach Costs. How Much Does Yours Cover?

24. March 2015 08:25


You'd think that a behemoth retail chain like Target would have an insurance policy befitting its size, and before the 2013 data breach, its Cyber Insurance limits probably seemed high enough. But the figures for 2014's cleanup costs are in, and it looks like Target's policy only covered a fraction of its data breach expenses.

Here is a rundown of Target's expenses, courtesy of a report by Advisen:

Though $90 million seems like a lot of coverage, it's not much of a salve when faced with a $162 million hit to Target's bottom line. Plus, the data breach costs are still rolling in, so $252 million isn't the final count.

What's driving these costs? You may have heard that several banks are suing Target over the cost of replacing customer credit cards, but that's just the start of Target's money hemorrhage. Other costs stem from:

Target's Cyber Insurance can help cover these costs, but the policy's limits aren't high enough to bear the majority of the costs. The good news is that Target's misfortune can be a learning opportunity for your business. Let's take a look at some ways you can ensure your Cyber Liability Insurance policy's limits are appropriate for your risk.

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