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Any auto liability coverage

Any auto liability coverage is a way of extending your commercial auto liability insurance to recently purchased vehicles that otherwise wouldn’t be covered by your policy.

When is any auto car insurance needed, and how does it work?

Any auto coverage is a temporary expansion of your commercial auto insurance policy that allows you to buy new business use vehicles without worrying if they’re insured.

For example, let’s say you buy a new truck for your business. As the policyholder, your commercial auto insurance would automatically provide liability coverage for this vehicle for 30 days, up to your coverage limits. If you fail to report this purchase to your insurance company, that automatic coverage would expire after 30 days without having any auto coverage in place.

If your vehicle was in an accident after this 30-day period, and your insurance company didn’t know about the new truck, you’d be on the hook for any liabilities from the accident and pay for any damages out of pocket. This could include physical damage to the vehicles involved, medical payments, and legal expenses.

With any auto coverage, your liability coverage would be extended until your policy renewal date. At that point, you would update your coverage needs with your insurance company.

The any auto extension can also cover any hired and non-owned vehicles you use for your business. Hired & non-owned auto insurance (HNOA) provides liability coverage for personal vehicles used for work, as well as business autos that are leased or rented.

Who needs any auto coverage?

Any small business owners who have business-owned vehicles could probably use any auto insurance coverage. This includes:

  • Construction and building contractors or installation professionals: If you buy or replace a business vehicle, it would automatically be covered with an any auto policy.
  • Landscapers or cleaners: If you rent or lease a truck to haul supplies, your any auto policy could cover this.
  • Florists: If you or an employee uses your own car for work-related errands, your any auto liability coverage could provide liability coverage in case of an accident. A personal auto insurance policy will not cover work-related accidents when you use your personal car for business purposes.
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What are any auto exceptions and exclusions?

While adding any auto liability to your commercial vehicle insurance coverage offers an added layer of financial protection, keep in mind that it only applies to vehicles your business purchased between policy renewals.

As the named insured on your policy, when your annual renewal comes up, you’ll have to make sure your insurance company knows about any new vehicles and other changes to your coverage. This includes any vehicles you purchased within the past year, otherwise they would no longer be covered.

Any auto coverage isn’t available in every state, so you might not be able to add this to your commercial auto insurance. Any auto coverage might also be unavailable if you already have hired and non-owned auto insurance. Hired and non-owned auto coverage offers liability coverage for any personal or leased vehicles you use for work.

It’s also important to know that any auto coverage is for property damage liability to other vehicles, whether it is to tangible property or people. This coverage includes bodily injury liability to help cover an injured victim’s medical bills. It doesn’t include physical damage coverage or personal injury protection for yourself and your own vehicle, even if you have collision coverage or comprehensive auto coverage.

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Updated: February 20, 2024
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