Business Insurance for Food Vendors

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Your setup may be small, but food vendors face many of the same liabilities as a full-scale restaurant. Without appropriate protection, even a minor mishap could devastate your concession stand.
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One application, multiple quotes

Insureon helps food vendors compare insurance quotes from top U.S. carriers online. Get several quotes with one application.

What types of business insurance does a food vendor need?

These policies provide coverage for the most common risks food vendors face.

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How much does insurance cost for food vendors?

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Several factors will have an impact on insurance costs, including:

  • Food vendor equipment and property
  • Food and beverage services offered
  • Revenue
  • Location
  • Number of employees
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Why do food vendors need insurance?

You might occupy a small space, but you still need workers’ compensation to protect your employees and general liability insurance in case a customer gets injured. The high cost of medical and legal bills makes insurance a worthwhile investment.
Compare insurance quotes for food vendors
Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers.