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This video explains how Insureon partners with top insurance carriers to provide the best possible business insurance quotes.
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MAURA BENSON, DIRECTOR OF CARRIER RELATIONSHIPS, INSUREON: An insurance company's rating is determined on their financial stability, and really what matters most in terms of having insurance coverage is that they're going to pay your claim at the time of a loss.

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We have access to 40 plus insurance companies, recognizing that every small business is different, is unique.

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They, of course, are covering all kinds of different services from lawn care, to IT consulting, accounting, even restaurants and bars. And it's nice for us to have a wide range of great carriers to find the best coverage and the best options for that small business owner.

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Just knowing that each company is unique in its own, and we want to make sure that we're finding the perfect carrier insurance company option for that small business.

The small business owner would have a variety of needs depending upon what type of risk they're trying to cover. Our insurance companies provide coverage for general liability, professional liability, business owner's policy, that will provide them some additional coverage for their property, as well as workers' compensation and commercial auto.

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We understand that they're busy doing their jobs and growing their business, having this platform allows them to do that at any time that's convenient for them. As well, we have producers dedicated to helping the small business owner finalize that coverage once they've been able to, you know, go online and submit the application and obtain those quotes to see what their options are for for various types of coverage.

The individual contacts at these large carrier firms allow us to really establish strong relationships and partnerships, and that really helps us to make sure we're getting a quick turnaround, and we're able to provide the most competitive rates for the consumer, for that small business applicant, as well.

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It, you know, just allows us to quickly introduce new products and make sure that our producers are well educated on different offerings and different coverage options that the carrier has, as well as servicing those needs quickly.

New policies have been introduced from our insurance company partners, notably cyber. We also now have partnerships with carriers that offer coverage for cannabis, which is something that's different and not widely available.

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Technology integration is an important next step with our insurance companies. We've developed strong personal relationships, as well as a great understanding of the coverage that's available, and really the next phase of that is just making sure that we're digitally enabled and together, as partners, to really move forward in the convenient options that we can provide.

The insurance companies that we partner with really value the relationship. We align well in our core values, as well as our number one concern: Providing the best option of insurance coverage for a small business owner.

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One of the many ways we serve our customers is through long-term relationships with national insurance carriers. Thanks to these strong partnerships, we’re able to provide the best possible quotes for our clients to meet their unique risk management needs – from general liability to cyber insurance to cannabis-focused coverages.

Maura Benson, Director of Carrier Relationships, speaks to our:

  • Portfolio of 40+ insurance providers
  • Wide variety of coverage options
  • Knowledgeable producers
  • Digital-focused approach to insurance

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