Insurance for Translators
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Insurance for Translators

Whether you're a Russian translator or a Spanish interpreter, your translation business faces risks each day. After all, you know better than most that words have the power to bring people together or drive them apart. That's why so much rides on your ability to do your job well.

But even the most skilled translator can have a miscommunication with a client or a faulty translation. These incidents can lead to expensive lawsuits.

Translator insurance can help bear these unexpected costs. Let's take a look at some types of interpreter insurance your business may need.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance will likely top your list of translator insurance policies. That's because it can address your business's basic liabilities. For example, it can help out when clients, contractors, deliverymen, service technicians, or vendors claim your translation company…

  • Damaged their property.
  • Injured them or created an environment that caused their injury (e.g., a slippery floor).
  • Committed libel, slander, or copyright infringement.

Let's say your business is hired to translate Spanish to English for an international business deal with a local coffee distributor. While touring the distributor's office, you trip over their computer cable. You're uninjured, but managed to pull down their expensive computer tower, which now lies smashed on the floor.

If they demand you pay for the damage, General Liability Insurance can cover the cost.

Professional Liability Insurance

Another popular interpreter insurance policy is Professional Liability Insurance (also called Errors & Omissions Insurance), which can pay for lawsuits related to your translation services.

Professional Liability Insurance can help out when a client claims you…

  • Mistranslated or misrepresented them or the other party.
  • Made a mistake that led to their financial loss.
  • Were negligent in your professional capacity as a translator.
  • Failed to deliver the translation services that you agreed to.

Let's say that your business is hired to facilitate a deal between an American company and a German factory. If the deal falls through, you could be sued if your client thinks you failed to represent them properly. It may just be a case of being caught in the middle and receiving the blame, but even if you're not at fault, you still have to respond to the lawsuit and defend your business.

Professional Liability Insurance can pay for these legal expenses that might otherwise overwhelm your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you occasionally drive to meet with clients, you may want to consider Commercial Auto Insurance. That way, if you get into an accident while driving for work, it should be able to cover the other driver's…

  • Vehicle repairs.
  • Medical bills.

It can also pay for repairs to your vehicle when it's damaged by collisions with objects or uninsured motorists.

Commercial Auto policies can cover vehicles owned by your business or personal vehicles you drive for business. Most personal auto insurance policies don't provide coverage for accidents that happen during business errands, so a Commercial Auto policy is a smart way to protect yourself and your business on the road.