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Insurance for Tutors

As a tutor, you help kids catch up to their peers or prep them for major tests like the Advanced Placement (AP) exams and SATs. Or maybe you help people learn English in order to pass the US Naturalization Test. No matter who your client is, you are providing one-on-one support and guidance. It's a very hands-on job and an important one.

Like any service-based job, it also comes with some inherent risk. If something goes wrong, you could be sued. For example, if a student fails a subject or flunks a major test, they may blame you. And in some instances, that could lead to a lawsuit. That's where tutor insurance can help. Let's look at the insurance policies that may benefit tutors most.

Professional Liability Insurance

When looking at insurance for tutors, Professional Liability Insurance is the first policy many tutors buy. It can help out when a tutor is sued over allegedly not doing a good job.

For example, let's say one of your students is trying to get a perfect score on the SAT to get into Harvard. You worked with her 15 hours a week for months, going over drills and reviewing possible questions. She takes the test and does really well, scoring a 1550. But it's not the perfect score she wanted. You did everything you could to prep her for the test. However, her parents could still sue, claiming you didn't do a good enough job and crushed their daughter's dreams. Yikes.

If you have Professional Liability Insurance, your insurance company can pay for a lawyer to defend you against the lawsuit. It can also pay for any damages if the court sides with the parents.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance is another key policy for tutors. It can help cover legal expenses when you're sued over things like:

  • A child falling down during a study session (third-party bodily injuries).
  • The damage you cause when you accidentally drop a student's laptop (third-party property damage).
  • Libel or slander (advertising injuries).

Let's say you're tutoring a pupil to pass their AP Chemistry exam. You help the student prepare for months, and when he doesn't pass the exam, his parents refuse to pay you for your services. You write a late-night tweet warning other tutors about working with those folks, and then the parents decide to sue you for libel.

General Liability Insurance can also protect you if a student is injured during one of your study sessions. Let's say you rent an office for your tutoring business, and a student trips over you book bag, falls on the floor, and breaks a tooth. General Liability can help pay for their immediate medical bills.

Some school districts may actually require you to carry General Liability Insurance. You may also be asked to name the school district as an additional insured. This protects both you and the school district in case a student you tutor is injured while on school grounds for one of your study sessions.

Tutoring is a fairly low-risk profession. But it's good to know that tutor insurance policies can protect you in worst-case scenarios.