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How to apply for a BOP and get proof of coverage

A business owner’s policy includes two policies: general liability insurance and property insurance. To apply for a BOP, you’ll have to apply for each of these policies. That means the BOP application asks questions about your business liabilities (incidents you could be sued for), as well as questions about your property.


To apply for a BOP, you’ll apply for two policies

General liability insurance protects against customer injury and damage to client property. It’s often required when signing a commercial lease or a client contract.

Property insurance protects your own business property. It can help pay for items that are stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

Insureon checks to see if you qualify for a BOP

Many insurance agencies – including Insureon – don’t have a separate application for a BOP. Instead, our free, 15-minute application asks whether you’re applying for both general liability and property insurance. We automatically check to see if applicants qualify for a BOP discount.


What questions are on the application?

To provide you with quotes that fit your needs, Insureon asks for basic information about your business. Make sure you have all of the information before you begin your application. This includes:

  • Your address and website
  • Whether your business is run from home
  • How long you've worked in the industry
  • Your estimated annual revenue

Other information needed for the application

When would you like coverage to begin?
Some of our customers need coverage as soon as possible. Insureon can usually provide it within 24 hours.

What is your insurance history?
Include any insurance claims you've made and whether you've been rejected by an insurance company. You may have to check with business partners and co-owners to see if they have filed any insurance claims or been rejected by other insurers.

How much coverage do you need?
For small businesses, general liability insurance policies can range from $300,000 to $2 million in lawsuit coverage. Policies start at $5,000 worth of property insurance; choose an amount that corresponds to the value of your equipment, supplies, and commercial property.

What are the requirements of your contract?
If you are purchasing a BOP to fulfill the requirements of a lease or contract, look over the contract carefully to ensure your new coverage will fulfill the requirements.

Additional coverage you can include in a BOP

When you’re applying for a BOP, you can apply for endorsements that add extra protection. For example, a small retail business that keeps cash on site may want coverage for money on premises. This coverage can be added to property insurance to cover the theft of money stored at your business.

Finally, every business should consider business interruption insurance. This insurance covers many of the expenses that accrue when a business is forced to temporarily close after a covered event, such as a storm. It is often included in a business owner's policy.


How do I get proof of coverage?

As soon as you’re covered, you can print a certificate of insurance to use as proof of coverage. You may need this BOP policy form to fulfill a requirement on a commercial lease or client contract.

Business owner’s policy forms

When you get a BOP, you’ll receive two insurance policy forms for the general liability insurance portion of your coverage and two more for the property insurance portion.

Policy document. The policy document for each policy explains what is and what is not covered, and is likely between 50 and 100 pages.

Proof of coverage document. This one-page document proves you're covered and summarizes the basics of your coverage.


Apply for a BOP online with Insureon

You can compare quotes for a business owner’s policy by filling out Insureon’s free online application. The application takes about 15 minutes. Click the “Get Free Quotes” box anywhere on our site to begin. After you complete the application, a licensed Insureon agent will get back to you quickly with free insurance quotes that fit your business.

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