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Business owner's policy for contractors and construction businesses

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Business owner’s policy

A business owner’s policy (BOP) bundles general liability insurance with commercial property insurance. It typically costs less than if the policies were bought separately.

A BOP covers common lawsuits and damaged business property

A business owner’s policy protects construction businesses and contractors from common business risks by combining general liability insurance with commercial property insurance. It helps pay for accidents involving customers and incidents that damage your business property.

A BOP can cover the cost of:

  • Lawsuits related to a customer's injury
  • Lawsuits related to accidental damage to customer property
  • Lawsuits related to slander, copyright infringement, and other advertising injuries
  • Equipment, tools, and other business property that is damaged or stolen from your company's main location

Which businesses are eligible for a BOP?

Small, low-risk businesses usually qualify for a BOP. That might include:

Customize a BOP to fit your construction business

Construction business owners can work with an insurance agent to tailor a BOP to meet their specific needs.

For example, you may want a policy that includes business interruption insurance. This coverage helps pay for operating expenses and lost income if your business is forced to close temporarily due a fire or other covered property claim.

You can also add inland marine insurance for towed equipment or high-value equipment, such as a backhoe or forklift.

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What coverage can a business owner’s policy provide for construction experts?

Insurance agents often recommend a BOP for its affordability and broad coverage. Most policies cover the following:

Customer injuries and property damage

The general liability portion of a business owner’s policy can pay for medical bills, legal costs, and other expenses related to third-party injuries or property damage, such as:

Advertising injuries

The general liability portion of a BOP also protects contractors and construction businesses against advertising injuries, such as:

  • Defamation, both libel (written) and slander (spoken)
  • Copyright infringement

For example, if your business writes a negative social media post about a competitor and is sued for libel, general liability insurance could help pay the resulting legal fees.

Damage to your construction equipment and other business property

The commercial property insurance in a BOP protects:

  • Construction equipment, tools, and materials
  • Office furniture and fixtures
  • The building, if you own it

If your tools are stolen or a fire breaks out at your company's office, your business owner’s policy will help you recoup your losses by paying for repairs and replacement items.

Temporary closure

If your business is forced to close temporarily, it could be devastating. Business interruption insurance protects your business from the financial impact of a forced closure by paying for lost revenue, rent, payroll, and other operating costs.

For example, if a windstorm damages the roof of your building, allowing rain to seep in and soak your building materials and tools, business interruption insurance can pay for day-to-day business expenses until the restoration is complete. That gives you time to replace damaged equipment and supplies without going out of business.

Speak to a licensed Insureon agent to add business interruption coverage to your BOP.

Other important policies for construction and contracting businesses

A business owner's policy covers the most common risks of running a small business, but it doesn't cover every incident or lawsuit. Construction business owners and contractors should also consider:

Workers’ compensation insurance: Workers’ comp covers medical costs for work-related injuries and illnesses. Most states require this coverage for businesses with employees.

Commercial auto insurance: This policy covers the cost of an accident involving your business vehicle. Almost every state requires this coverage for business-owned vehicles.

Contractor’s tools and equipment insurance: This policy helps pay for repair or replacement of a contractor’s equipment and tools if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Professional liability insurance: This policy covers professional mistakes and oversights, such as a contractor missing a deadline for a project.

Surety bonds: These bonds reimburse your clients for financial losses if your company is unable to fulfill the terms of its contract.

Builder’s risk insurance: Builder’s risk insurance can pay for damage done to a structure still under construction, such as fire or vandalism at a construction site.

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Updated: February 13, 2023
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