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Occurrence vs. claims-made insurance: Why it matters

14. May 2019 20:10
It’s important to understand the difference between occurrence and claims-made insurance before you purchase a policy. The policy type you choose could impact what you pay for insurance and your coverage. [More]

7 essential skills for freelance web designers

14. May 2019 19:30
Getting started as a freelance web designer can be overwhelming. Here are some of the skills you’ll need to find success with your business. [More]

6 ways to prevent burglary and theft at your business

10. May 2019 00:34
Business insurance mitigates financial damage from burglary and theft, but it’s even better to prevent them from happening in the first place. [More]

How to write an insurance cancellation letter

9. May 2019 01:18
If you’re planning to cancel your business insurance policy, it’s important to provide written notice to your insurance company. Learn the steps you should take to cancel a policy and compare quotes for new insurance with Insureon. [More]

6 ways software developers can earn repeat customers

30. April 2019 17:01
For your freelance software development business to thrive, it’s important to retain clients. Use these six steps to earn repeat customers. [More]


How to protect intellectual property at your startup

26. April 2019 22:39
Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets of your technology startup. Protecting your IP is critical if you want to obtain venture capital funding or stop your competitors from gaining an unfair advantage. [More]

Tips for creating an IT disaster recovery plan

26. April 2019 22:28
Loss of data can devastate a small business. Plan ahead to ensure your business’s survival with an IT disaster recovery plan. [More]

How to become a cybersecurity consultant

25. April 2019 20:30
As cyberattacks continue to threaten large and small businesses, the demand for cybersecurity consultants has increased significantly. Learn how you can start a career in cybersecurity. [More]

6 driving safety tips for businesses with employees

16. April 2019 16:47
If your employees are required to drive for work, safety should be a top priority. Learn how to create a safe driving culture in your company with these driving safety tips for employees. [More]

How tech companies can avoid software development risks

15. April 2019 22:06
All software development projects contain elements of risk. To ensure the success of a project, it’s necessary to identify, assess, prioritize, and manage potential threats. [More]
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