Case Studies

Youth Academy's Government Contract Saved by Same-Day Coverage

The day started out badly for the principal of a youth academy, which stood to lose a five-year contract with a city government agency if it could not immediately replace its general liability and motor vehicle insurance coverage. The academy's principal doubted that it was possible to find and instate coverage in a single day, but the need was so great that she turned to her phone and the Web to find a solution.

"I was quite nervous and very, very, very stressed," the principal said. Then she found Jennifer Tucker, account manager at Insureon.


Caring customer service

"I had a question about coverage when I called in," she said. "I was guided through the application process by Jennifer, and waited for her quote. Before I could even retrieve it, she called me back to make sure it had arrived. She then painstakingly explained each and every matter I raised with pleasantness, poise, knowledge and the utmost professionalism."

Understanding the urgency, Jennifer waited on the line to be sure that the principal received all of the information she sent by e-mail.

"I probably was a royal pain, but I never, ever felt that way because of her kindness and commitment to customer satisfaction," the principal said.


Immediate coverage, better policy, lower price

The academy's new general liability and motor vehicle insurance policies were initiated that same day, and the academy was able to immediately provide proof of coverage to the municipality and save its five-year contract. The academy could hardly believe that it got better coverage than before and at a much lower price.

"I love my new policy. I loved talking to a human being, even though I originally found [Insureon] through an online search with Google. Jennifer is one of the best and most knowledgeable service professionals I have ever dealt with in a crunch situation like today. It was the most pleasant first-time customer experience I can recall. I just can't say how much she helped me through one of the most trying days I have had in a long time."