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In Honor of International Accounting Day, Some Tools to Make Accountants’ Lives Easier

8. November 2013 09:45
New tools and resources for accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preparers in honor of International Accounting Day. [More]

Avoiding the Holiday Freakout

6. November 2013 16:06
Financial professionals can avoid a crazy hectic end of the year by getting their paperwork in order now. [More]

HIPAA Has Teeth: What Accountants, Lawyers, and Other Professionals Need to Know When Working with Clients in Healthcare

23. October 2013 16:43
Accountants, lawyers, and other professionals are considered business associates under new HITECH additions to HIPAA, exposing them to massive liability for handling client data. Overview of risk management procedures to limit risk of fines and lawsuits. [More]

Procrastinated Your Taxes? It Might Not Be the Worst Thing

12. April 2013 12:59
For entrepreneurs, procrastination can be a positive force when it's done right. [More]

New Business Insurance Coverage for Manufacturers, Accountants, & Nonprofits

1. March 2013 13:58
CGL Insurance for manufacturers, E&O for accounts, and D&O for nonprofits are now available from insureon. [More]

The Cost of 3 Major Changes Small Business Owners Face in 2013

18. January 2013 08:50
2013 and the inauguration of President Obama's second term holds many changes for small-business owners. Three major changes small-business owners will need to navigate include taxes, employee health care, and investment incentives.[More]

Tax Preparers: E&O and Risk Mitigation Guidelines

16. January 2013 11:53
For many small-businesses or independent tax preparers, the first few months of the year mean a crescendo of business. While staying busy is good for ... [More]