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Ridesharing Services the Latest to Face Challenges on Workers' Compensation Issues

10. February 2015 08:01
Uber and Lyft may be facing separate class-action lawsuits that seek to classify drivers as employees. Learn why a lot of money is riding on the ruling in California. [More]

Biggest Insurance Misconceptions (and Puppies!)

9. February 2015 08:06
Insurance can be tricky if you've never purchased it before. Don't worry – these pups will help you avoid follies and get the facts about your coverage. [More]

Florida Court Upholds "Exclusive Remedy" Rules for Workers' Comp Insurance

6. February 2015 08:02
Do you live in a state with an exclusive remedy rule for Workers' Comp Insurance? If so, your business may dodge lawsuits over occupational injuries. Learn more.[More]

NJ Ruling on Independent Contractors Maintains Tough Standards

2. February 2015 07:55
New Jersey is the latest state to use the ABC test for deciding on worker classification issues. Learn about the test and why it matters to small-business owners. [More]

No Chugging Contests: One Way to Prevent Workers' Compensation Claims

27. January 2015 07:33
An office chugging contest landed a salesperson in the ICU. Let it be a cautionary tale for your business. Learn how to host safe work events and reduce Workers' Comp claims. [More]

What Not to Do: Workers' Compensation Edition

21. January 2015 07:25
Dollar Tree's recent OSHA fines serve as a reminder that you can't take workplace safety lightly. Discover five things not to do if you want to avoid Workers' Comp claims. [More]

When Is It Time for New Business Insurance Quotes?

15. January 2015 07:12
It's a good time to compare new insurance offers when your business changes, you need to renew policies, or you simply want to see what's available. Learn more. [More]

Workers' Comp Insurance: When Is Someone a Contractor?

13. January 2015 07:18
The distinction between contractors and employees is easy to blur, but small-business owners can't afford such mistakes. Learn the difference once and for all. [More]

Workers' Comp Fines for Non-Payment Top $124,000 for Ohio Woman

7. January 2015 07:19
An Ohio woman was ordered to pay over $124,000 for failing to carry Workers’ Comp coverage for more than 100 employees for the past two years. Learn more. [More]

When Does a Small Business Need Insurance?

15. December 2014 06:33
A small business needs liability insurance ASAP to protect it from lawsuits brought by visitors, customers, and business partners. Apply online to get free quotes from top providers. [More]