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State Sues Small Business over Workers' Compensation Insurance Violation

8. August 2014 08:28
A small steam cleaning company is being sued by the state of West Virginia for failing to carry Workers’ Comp. Find out how your business can avoid a similar fate.[More]

Flood at UCLA Shows Importance of Updating Insurance Policies

5. August 2014 07:49
UCLA’s new multi-million dollar Pauley Pavilion suffered flood damage thanks to a broken water main. Find out how you can protect your business’s new property.[More]

Temps Are Making a Comeback. Are They Right for Your Business?

29. July 2014 08:22
The number of positions for temporary workers is exploding in the United States. Before you hire a temp worker, know the risks. [More]

Liability Insurance vs. Property Insurance: What's the Difference?

25. July 2014 08:26
Liability insurance covers legal expenses when you're sued. Property Insurance covers damage to your equipment and real estate. Learn how both protect your business. [More]

How Small Businesses Can Avoid Employment Law Fines

21. July 2014 07:48
Does your small business follow the Fair Labor Standards Act? Violations are common – and costly. Learn 5 ways you can comply with the law and avoid fines. [More]

Ohio’s Proposed Change Could Make Out-of-State Workers’ Comp Easier to Find

15. July 2014 08:19
Ohio is making it easier for employers to provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance to their out-of-state workers. Learn how this affects your business. [More]

Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

3. June 2014 08:25
Employees are usually the ones to hire Workers’ Compensation lawyers, but small-business owners will need one in the event of an Employer’s Liability lawsuit. [More]

How Do I Use Workers’ Compensation Class Codes?

2. June 2014 08:43
Learn how classification codes affect your Workers’ Comp premium. [More]

What Happens If I Don’t Have Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

30. May 2014 08:48
Most states require business owners to carry Workers' Comp. Learn about the fines, penalties, and jail time some states impose for noncompliance. [More]

What Is a State Compensation Insurance Fund?

29. May 2014 08:42
Learn more about purchasing Workers’ Compensation Insurance through state-funded insurance programs. [More]