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Why It’s Time to Add Risk Management to Your Social Marketing Strategy

27. February 2014 08:28
Discover tips for minimizing risk of advertising injury and general liability lawsuits related to your business's social media marketing. [More]

Are You Liable for Your Employees' Social Media Blunders?

26. February 2014 08:32
Discover how employees' social media mistakes can become your business's financial liability. [More]

Hacking and Social Networks: The High Costs for Small Business

24. February 2014 09:05
Did you know your business could be held liable for advertising injuries others perpetrate under your social media account? Check out how hacks and other situations can have pricy consequences for your small business. [More]

Social Marketing Strategies That Alienate Your Customers

20. February 2014 08:31
Some social media marketing strategies miss the mark, while others truly give prospects the howling fantods. Make sure your business isn't employing these questionable social marketing techniques. [More]

Customer Photos in Your Social Media Strategy? Stay on the Right Side of the Law

18. February 2014 13:36
If you use a customer's photo from their social media page to promote your small business, you could be sued for using their identity without their knowledge. Learn more about the legal limitations for businesses that want to promote their products with customer-submitted photos. [More]

50% of Private Companies Over-Estimate Their General Liability Insurance Protection

11. February 2014 08:18
Business owners tend to put too much faith in what their General Liability Insurance can do. Make sure you're not exposed where you thought you were covered. [More]

Copyright Laws & Social Media: A Small Business Guide

10. February 2014 09:35
An introduction to how copyright laws affect small businesses and how business owners can avoid advertising injury lawsuits over accidental copyright violations. [More]

The Small Business Guide to Dealing with Unfounded Advertising Injury Lawsuits over Social Networking Posts

7. February 2014 08:54
Tips for how small businesses can handle advertising injury lawsuits that have little or no basis in fact. [More]

How General Liability Insurance Can Protect Fitness Instructors, Athletic Trainers, and Personal Trainers from Freak Accidents

6. February 2014 11:32
A lawsuit over a man injured at a Crossfit gym highlights one important application of General Liability Insurance benefits. [More]

5 Social Marketing Mistakes That Cost Small Businesses Big

5. February 2014 09:02
Review of five social media marketing blunders that can cost small-business owners time and money. [More]