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The most in-demand skills for freelance data scientists

14. May 2019 22:39
In addition to computer science, statistics,  machine learning, and other technical skills, data scientists should understand the business context of their work and be good communicators. [More]

7 essential skills for freelance web designers

14. May 2019 19:30
Getting started as a freelance web designer can be overwhelming. Here are some of the skills you’ll need to find success with your business. [More]

How to become a cybersecurity consultant

25. April 2019 20:30
As cyberattacks continue to threaten large and small businesses, the demand for cybersecurity consultants has increased significantly. Learn how you can start a career in cybersecurity. [More]

Common cybersecurity threats for e-commerce businesses

3. April 2019 01:27
Owners of e-commerce companies should be aware of cybersecurity threats that can ruin their businesses, and take the necessary steps to guard against those risks. [More]

How to get into the cybersecurity industry

3. April 2019 01:08
With cybercrime on the rise, now may be the perfect time to start a career in cybersecurity. Learn more about how to start a cybersecurity business. [More]

Learn from a tech giant with Google IT support certification

15. March 2019 16:29
Google IT support certification offers opportunities for small business owners to add new services and stand out from competitors. [More]

How to prevent a data breach at your business

15. October 2018 23:02
Data breaches are a growing threat, yet small business owners don’t always know how to prevent them, or what to do should one occur. There are several easy tactics that you can implement now to protect your business. [More]

5 risk management tips for IT businesses

14. August 2018 21:47
Creating a risk management plan combined with purchasing small business insurance can help IT business owners ensure that a liability lawsuit doesn't cause serious financial harm to their company. [More]

Buying a New Business Laptop This Year? Get to Know Your BOP Insurance

23. January 2017 08:59
Ready for a new business laptop? These tips can help you find one that fits your small business and show you how BOP Insurance protects your investment. [More]

3 Scariest Data Breaches of 2016

28. November 2016 13:45
Small-business owners: learn some valuable lessons and Cyber Insurance / business protection tips from these 3 scary data breaches that happened this year. [More]
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