Insureon Provides Fast-Paced Real Estate Professionals with Access to Live, Accurate Insurance Quotes that Suit Their Busy Lifestyles

May 15, 2013

Real estate and title agents can prepare for the busy season with quick results and new insurance products.

CHICAGO—May 15, 2013

Real estate and title professionals are on the cusp of one of their busiest seasons since the housing bubble burst. And when self-employed real estate professionals get busy, contracts can get rushed and mistakes can occur. Under the wrong circumstances, these mistakes can expose a real estate agent and his or her clients to significant financial and personal risk.

To help independent real estate professionals gain efficiency during this busy time, insureon, the country's leading online agent for small-business insurance, now offers real-time insurance quotes to real estate agents and appraisers, title agents and abstractors, and property managers.

In addition, insureon now offers more insurance options than ever before, rolling out Professional Liability coverage, also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) coverage, just in time for the spring and summer rush. E&O Insurance protects real estate and title agents from the potential costs of failing to prevent an incident that results in personal or financial loss. It does this by covering the costs of lawsuits that may arise from allegations of neglect. In many cases, legal costs are the most expensive part of a claim.

"Having adequate insurance protection lets real estate professionals focus on serving their clients instead of worrying about getting hit with a massive lawsuit from an unhappy client," said Jared Kaplan, insureon's SVP Product Excellence. "With our latest products, these professionals can find essential coverages more easily than ever."

In addition to providing E&O Insurance, insureon protects real estate and title agents by offering a suite of products that includes:

  • General Liability Insurance (GLI): Whereas E&O Insurance covers professionals from claims that their professional work caused financial loss or damage, GLI protects against physical injury or property damage that occurs to third parties. For instance, if damage is found at a property following a showing, the property owner might seek repair. Those repair costs, as well as any associated legal fees, are covered by the GLI policy.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Umbrella Insurance offers real estate professionals a cost-effective way to increase the coverage limit on several of their insurance policies. In most cases, purchasing a single Umbrella Insurance policy is less expensive than increasing the coverage limits on several insurance policies individually.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance: Real estate professionals often find themselves in a range of environments – from bare-bones construction sites to staged homes. A typical day's work might include moving furniture and navigating unsteady flooring, which exposes real estate professionals and their employees to on-the-job injuries. Workers' Comp Insurance covers the costs associated with any such injuries.

Insureon's industry-trained agents help real estate professionals connect with some of the country's most respected insurance providers to develop insurance coverage otherwise not readily available for small businesses. Insureon has helped more than 35,000 small-business owners protect and support businesses in industries that range from real estate and accounting to retail and technology. For more information on insureon, please visit


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