Wind and Hail Damage

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Property Damage from Wind and Hail

A bad storm rolling through can bring more than just rain and thunder. Gale-force winds can push trees onto buildings and turn airborne debris into shrapnel. Monster-sized hail can smash into windows and tear holes in a roof. Then there’s the total devastation that tornadoes and hurricanes bring, if you’re unlucky enough to get caught in their path.

If you get in Mother Nature’s way at the wrong time, you’re bound to pay for it.

Regions Most at Risk for Wind and Hail Damage

Areas Prone to Wind Damage

Areas Prone to Hail

Small Business Insurance Policies to Help with Storm Damage

When it rains, it pours – and bad weather can bring severe wind and hail. These small business insurance policies can help shelter you from storm damage:

  • Commercial Property Insurance: Property Insurance can help you pay to repair or replace property that’s damaged by wind and hail, including equipment, supplies, and buildings. (Coverage may depend on your location – see more details below.)
  • Business Owner's Policy: A BOP, specifically designed for small businesses, bundles Commercial Property with General Liability Insurance at an affordable price.
  • Inspect your building’s roof in the spring (when storm season typically begins) and after any severe storms to check for damage.

  • Install impact-resistant windows to prevent shattering.

  • Bring outside equipment and valuables indoors if a storm is expected.

  • Keep yourself and your employees safe. Stay away from windows and in a basement or storm shelter if possible.

More Details on Wind and Hail Damage

A destructive storm can hit anywhere, but certain areas of the country are more likely to experience severe windstorms – a fact that may be reflected in your business’s Property Insurance coverage. If you’re in an area with a high risk of wind storms, review your policy language carefully with your small business insurance agent so you’re confident about what it covers.

If you’re located in one of these high-risk zones, you may be able to purchase this coverage as an endorsement to your standard small business insurance policy. This will mean higher premiums but more help in the event of a serious storm. Talk to your insurance agent about your policy coverage.

In high-risk areas, insurance premiums will likely be higher.