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Insureon Small Business Institute

Nonpartisan research to educate and advocate for the country's smallest businesses

Research & Analysis that Matters to Small Businesses

The United States is home to more than 27.9 million small and micro businesses. Insureon has helped more than 200,000 of them protect their accomplishments with insurance. Browse this page to learn the latest about what your peers and competitors in the micro business sector are experiencing and how they're impacting the larger US and global economy.

Small Business Outlook 2017: A survey of small business growth plans for 2017

Tech Industry Risk Assessment (2015): An analysis of data from more than 10,000 small IT businesses that highlights risks business owners commonly neglect and strategies for minimizing those risks.

The State of Microbusinesses (2013): A look at how the smallest businesses in America are driving employment and economic growth but neglecting risk management tasks.

Making IT Profitable: A Guide for New Businesses and Freelancers: Guidance from experts on how to get a business up and running, from setting prices to planning for retirement.

Data Breaches & Retail: A Guide for Small Businesses: Practical tips for how to avoid the $38,000 cost of having your data breached or your system hacked.