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The U.S. is home to more than 27.9 million small and micro businesses. Insureon is proud to help more than 30,000 of them protect their accomplishments with insurance. Browse this page to learn the latest about what your peers and competitors in the micro business sector are experiencing and how they're impacting the larger U.S. and global economy.

Report: Small Commercial Insurance Online Pricing Index, Q4 2013

Small business boomed in the fourth quarter of 2013, adding 70 percent of the economy's new jobs in December. Notably, more than 23 percent of new jobs were added at businesses with fewer than 20 employees in 2013's final month. As in Q3 2013, price increases in the small commercial online sector were slightly lower than those for commercial insurance more generally.
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Report: Small Commercial Insurance Online Pricing Index, Q3 2013

In the third quarter of 2013, small business insurance policies purchased online showed smaller price increases than those reported in the overall commercial insurance market. Download the inaugural SCIOP Index report for a detailed analysis of how policy prices fluctuated within various industries and various states.
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Small and Micro Businesses: America's Growth Engine

Micro businesses are growing in number, revenue, and as a percentage of total U.S. businesses. But they remain vastly under-insured, paying a whopping $35.6 billion in liability costs out of pocket each year. Read the full report for an analysis of factors influencing the coverage shortfall and insureon's recommendations for correcting it. Download the full report for details

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Business Growth Facts & Figures

Click through insureon's infographics library for a snapshot of how small businesses are growing around the country.

  • 20 percent of current customers create 80 percent of the new
  • top 10 best cities to start a business
  • rise and fall and rise of priceline
  • 44 percent of small businesses sell most during holidays
Small Business Trends

What's got your small-business peers buzzing right now? Click through for a look at the latest trends inspiring the country's innovators.

  • every dollar spent on staff wellness generates $3 return
  • 70 percent of CEOs seeking customer insights
  • 50 percent of CEOs say social becoming primary
  • big data helping small business create new markets
Business Growth by Industry

Which industries are booming for small business? Find out with a look at bright spots in business growth as you click through these infographics.

  • women owned businesses grew by 24 percent past 10 years
  • personal service jobs growing at 22 percent
  • 238909 home based businesses created every month
  • 8 best industries to start a new business
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