Contractor Liability Insurance


If you're a general contractor, you'll need to protect yourself with business insurance. In fact, many states require that contractors in the construction industry have business insurance to protect them and their clients.

A lot of things can go wrong on a construction job. Whether you're faced with an accidental injury, an equipment malfunction, or a client allegation that you didn't complete the job properly, having business insurance on your side will protect your business assets, without you having to worry about these mishaps affecting your bottom line. This could be the difference between keeping your business going after a lawsuit or accident, or being forced to shut down because your company can't keep up.

Setbacks Are Sometimes Unavoidable, But Contractor Liability Insurance Can Protect You

Contractor Liability coverage will help to ease worry – for both you and your clients – and offset unforeseen expenses that may arise in the middle of a project. Many contractors know that setbacks and unpredicted problems are just part and parcel of the construction business. Perhaps an old building needs a lot more work than your client originally thought, or a critical piece of equipment stops working. You can't always prevent these mishaps from happening as a contractor, but you can make sure that you have insurance coverage to protect yourself just in case.

Some disgruntled clients will even withhold payment if they are, for some reason, unhappy with the work you performed. Even if you did your job to the best of your ability and your client's claim is unfair, you could still find yourself in hot water. (In fact, some clients will even file frivolous lawsuits just to avoid paying a bill!) As a contractor running a business, you probably don't have a lot of free time to deal with such occurrences. Contractor Liability Insurance has your back to cover court costs and damages, which can be extremely high, even for completely unjustified or frivolous lawsuits.

Why You Shouldn't Put Off Getting Contractor Liability Insurance

Whether because it's perceived to be expensive, or because people think it takes a lot of time and effort to get in place, business insurance is something that many contractors may be tempted to delay getting – yet this mistake could cost them dearly. Accidents happen all the time and without warning. That's just the nature of your industry. And getting quotes from an experienced insurer can take as little as 15 minutes. When you think of what's at stake, it should be a no-brainer.

As a contractor, you might be liable for even more than you realize. This makes protecting your business and its assets more critical than ever. contractor liability insurance can safeguard your bottom line and reputation in the face of unforeseen mishaps and allegations of negligence. In an industry where the "unforeseen" is basically a day-to-day expectation, making sure you're covered can make all the difference between having to shut down, or being able to keep doing the job you're passionate about.