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Accountants and Financial Planners: 3 Things to Do Today to Avoid E&O Lawsuits This Year

13. January 2014 08:27
Three steps financial planners, tax preparers, and accountants can do to prevent E&O lawsuits during tax season. [More]

4 Small Business Time Management Tips for 2014

27. December 2013 09:07
Start 2014 in a calm, focused, and productive state of mind by implementing these four key time management strategies. [More]

Holiday Party Essentials: Liquor Liability Insurance

6. December 2013 08:02
Prevent holiday parties from leading to liquor liability lawsuits. [More]

3 Key Trends for Digital Marketers

20. November 2013 10:16
Retail shops and other small businesses can prepare for the holiday rush by upping the ante on their digital and mobile marketing efforts. [More]

Do Small Businesses Really Need Umbrella Insurance?

18. November 2013 16:14
Umbrella Insurance offers financial protection to even the smallest businesses. Examples of three situations where an Umbrella policy can prevent major financial losses. [More]

When Can An Employee Sue You? Helpful HR Tips for Small-Business Owners

14. October 2013 16:16
Overview of what events can trigger an employee lawsuit against your business and how to manage your exposure with insurance and other risk management practices. [More]

Small-Business Owners: Celebrate National Preparedness Month

30. August 2013 13:16
National Preparedness Month is an excellent time to update your business insurance and other risk management policies. [More]

Priceline: A Business Comeback Worth Noting

29. August 2013 12:49
Take a page from Priceline's book: focus on the things that matter to bring sustainable prosperity to your business. [More]

What Is a Minimum Earned Premium?

21. August 2013 09:26
Minimum earned premium is the amount an insurance company keeps of your premium regardless of when you cancel your policy. Find out how it works and why insurance providers use it. [More]

The Goldmine Hidden in Your Rebranding Plan

12. August 2013 16:35
Turn a rebrand or business expansion into a marketing opportunity to get the most milage out of the work you're doing. [More]