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What Is Vicarious Liability?

16. August 2013 15:49
Vicarious liability means you could be liable for work done by your employees, agents, or contractors. Find out how to protect your business from the costs of vicarious liability. [More]

Illinois Hairdressers and Cosmetologists: 22.2% Growth on the Way

15. August 2013 08:31
Cosmetologists and hairstylists in Illinois can expect robust growth in the next seven years, according to data released by the IL Department of Employment security. [More]

Forget the Swimming Hole – It’s Sinkhole Season!

14. August 2013 16:30
Find out whether your business needs sinkhole insurance to protect your property from sinkhole damage. [More]

The Goldmine Hidden in Your Rebranding Plan

12. August 2013 16:35
Turn a rebrand or business expansion into a marketing opportunity to get the most milage out of the work you're doing. [More]

Yes, It’s Your Fault: The Scary Truth of Legal Liability

9. August 2013 16:39
As a business owner, you could be liable for more than you realize. Find out how to prevent a liability suit from draining your business assets. [More]

What Happens When You Don’t Renew Your Insurance Policy

7. August 2013 16:41
The Philly building collapse grows more serious as sources report that the demolition company lacked adequate business insurance. Find out what happens when you go without coverage. [More]

What Is Claims-Made Insurance Coverage?

5. August 2013 16:17
Maximize your odds of receiving payouts from your professional liability insurance policies by following the rules of claims-made coverage policies. [More]

5 Tips for Boosting Productivity in Your Home-based Business

2. August 2013 16:17
Staying productive while working at home is a real challenge. Following these five tips will help you squeeze as much productivity out of your working hours as possible. [More]

Maryland Courts: No Dram Shop Laws for the Old Line State

31. July 2013 15:03
A recent alcohol-related incident in Maryland brings to light how dram shop laws affect your restaurant or bar, and how they could in the future.[More]

Do I Need Lightning Bolt Insurance?

30. July 2013 11:31
Lightning bolt insurance is included in most standard business Property Insurance policies. Read on to find out whether your valuable equipment is protected from lighting-related damage. [More]