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Affordable Care Act: Tips to Prevent Malpractice Suits for Your Medical Practice

25. October 2013 09:30
Three tips allied health professionals can use to prevent costly malpractice suits at their healthcare offices. [More]

HIPAA Has Teeth: What Accountants, Lawyers, and Other Professionals Need to Know When Working with Clients in Healthcare

23. October 2013 16:43
Accountants, lawyers, and other professionals are considered business associates under new HITECH additions to HIPAA, exposing them to massive liability for handling client data. Overview of risk management procedures to limit risk of fines and lawsuits. [More]

3 Potential Lawsuits Your Restaurant or Bar Could Face This Halloween

21. October 2013 16:03
Tips for managing Halloween-related liability exposures for owners of restaurants and bars. [More]

What Is a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

18. October 2013 11:19
Explanation of Certificates of Liability Insurance, how they protect your business, and how to get one so you can secure new client contracts. [More]

El Nino, Third-Party Lawsuits, and Other Liability Concerns for Home-Based Businesses

16. October 2013 10:52
Review of major liability exposures faced by owners of home-based businesses. [More]

When Can An Employee Sue You? Helpful HR Tips for Small-Business Owners

14. October 2013 16:16
Overview of what events can trigger an employee lawsuit against your business and how to manage your exposure with insurance and other risk management practices. [More]

Retail Entrepreneurs: Adding a Risk Management Section to Your Business Plan

11. October 2013 10:13
Basic guidelines for building a risk management plan for a small retail business to help survive difficult economic times. [More]

Real Estate Professionals: Liability Considerations for Fall Showings

9. October 2013 15:20
Fall showing season exposes real estate agents to liabilities for third-party injuries, property damage, and even professional errors. Description of how to manage those risks. [More]

This Year, Back to School Means New Opportunities for Tutoring and Professional Educational Services

7. October 2013 15:51
Adoption of Common Core standards in much of the country means tutors and other educators have exciting opportunities to bring in new revenue streams. [More]

Quick Tips On Protecting Your Photography / Videography Production Business

4. October 2013 14:33
A fall-wedding-season refresher course on the insurance policies that can protect photographers and videographers from their most expensive risk exposures. [More]