Insurance for Professional Organizers
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Insurance for Professional Organizers

Helping clients organize their home or office is rewarding. But even when you love your job, things can go wrong. For instance, you might…

  • Damage property in a client's home.
  • Be accused of shoddy work.
  • Crash your car on the way to a meeting.

Incidents like these usually mean unexpected expenses. Luckily, you can get professional organizer insurance to help shield you from the high cost of a lawsuit. Here are three types of insurance professional organizers typically need.

General Liability Insurance

Most professional organizers purchase General Liability Insurance. It can pay for many of your legal expenses if a third party (e.g., a client) claims you…

  • Damaged their property.
  • Committed libel or slander.
  • Infringed on a copyright.
  • Caused a physical injury.

Lots of things can go wrong when your job requires you work with someone else's property. For example, let's say your client has a collection of baseball cards, and you accidentally spill coffee on them. The cards, once worth thousands, are ruined. General Liability Insurance can help cover your legal fees if your client sues.

As a professional organizer, you may also qualify for a Business Owner's Policy (BOP). A BOP combines General Liability and Commercial Property Insurance in one convenient package. The Commercial Property portion can pay to replace your damaged business property, such as your computer or office furniture. It may also cover damage to your office itself. Combining these policies in a BOP typically costs less than purchasing them separately.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance, protects your business if a client sues over the quality or execution of your work. Typically, it can pay for your legal bills if a client claims you…

  • Made mistakes while organizing their home.
  • Failed to finish the work you agreed to do.
  • Delivered unsatisfactory services.

Accusations of negligence may be rare for professional organizers, but they can happen. For instance, a client might claim they can't find several pieces of their property after you reorganize their basement. If that client sues, your Professional Liability Insurance may pay for your legal costs. However, not all professional organizers find this coverage necessary. Talk to your insurance agent about your risks to see if it is appropriate for your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Driving between your office and client locations usually means you need Commercial Auto Insurance. This coverage typically pays for accidents that occur when you're driving a business-owned vehicle. Depending on the policy, it may pay for:

  • Damage you cause to another person or their property.
  • Repairs to your automobile.
  • Medical expenses for your injuries.
  • Legal costs if you're sued.

Even if you use your personal vehicle for work, you may still need Commercial Auto coverage. Most personal auto policies don't cover business driving. Talk to an agent to see if Commercial Auto Insurance is appropriate for your business.