Business Insurance for Entertainers
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Insurance for Entertainers and Performers

As an entertainer, you work for yourself, doing your best to make your audience smile, laugh, and enjoy the experience. But a lot goes on behind the scenes to make your business run, and even work rooted in joy comes with risk.

Entertainers insurance can protect you when unexpected accidents or mistakes threaten to derail all you've worked to build. You may need coverage no matter if you're a…

  • DJ
  • Balloon artist.
  • Standup comedian.
  • Magician.
  • Juggler.
  • Clown.
  • Storyteller.
  • Stilt walker.
  • Face painter.

Here's a quick overview of some of the types of performers insurance that may benefit you.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance is often the first policy entertainers purchase. In fact, some venues may require entertainers to have this coverage before they get the gig. That's because General Liability can address many of the most common (and costly) incidents any small-business owner may encounter.

This policy can cover your legal costs when a third party (i.e., anyone who doesn't work for you) alleges…

  • Your business damaged their property.
  • Your business caused them physical harm.
  • You infringed on their brand or copyright.
  • You committed libel or slander.

General Liability coverage can travel with you to your gigs, which is pretty useful. After all, you're often in unfamiliar, crowded settings, and there's only so much you can actually control in those situations. So if your fire-juggling act goes awry and burns down your client's gazebo, General Liability Insurance may pay for the damages.

Worth noting: When you work at other venues, it's a good idea to check their minimum coverage requirements for General Liability. You should also be prepared for building owners or landlords to ask that you add them as an additional insured for the day of your performance.

Business Owner's Policy

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is a type of entertainers insurance that combines General Liability coverage with Commercial Property Insurance. It's often cheaper to buy a BOP than to purchase each of these policies individually.

Commercial Property Insurance can be a lifesaver for an entertainer who depends on their business property for their act. That's because even if you store your work gear at home, your homeowner's insurance probably won't repair or replace this property if it's damaged.

To cover your business essentials against damage from threats like fires, windstorms, vandalism, and theft, you often need Commercial Property Insurance, which can protect property such as…

  • Costumes, makeup, and other supplies.
  • Equipment used for your performances (such as sound equipment or lighting).
  • Your home office space, computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Even if you lease your equipment, your policy can reimburse you for the cost of replacing damaged or stolen property.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you have a vehicle that's registered to your business, you probably already have a Commercial Auto Insurance policy. But if you drive your personal vehicle to get to and from performances or to meet with clients, you may need this coverage, too.

The typical personal auto insurance policy specifically excludes coverage for business driving. That means when you get into accidents while driving for work, you may need Commercial Auto coverage to help pay for:

  • Damage to the other driver's vehicle.
  • The other driver's medical expenses.
  • Damage to your vehicle if you collide with an object or uninsured motorist.

To protect yourself on the road, talk to your agent about adding Commercial Auto Insurance to your entertainers insurance coverage.