Workers' compensation insurance

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Stop gap coverage

Stop gap coverage provides employer’s liability insurance when it’s not included in a workers’ compensation policy.

Workers' compensation insurance
Workers’ compensation insurance for consultants
Compare workers’ compensation insurance quotes for consulting businesses from top U.S. carriers with one easy online application from Insureon.
Workers' compensation insurance
What is workers’ compensation insurance?
Workers’ comp protects employees from medical expenses and lost wages caused by a workplace injury. Compare free quotes from top insurance providers with Insureon.
Wyoming workers' compensation insurance

Most business owners in Wyoming need workers’ compensation insurance, which protects both employees and employers after a work injury or illness. Employers must purchase coverage from the state fund.

Workers' compensation insurance
State laws for workers’ compensation

Because state laws regulate workers’ comp, you’ll need to research the laws in your state to find the requirements for your business or consult with a licensed Insureon agent.

Workers' compensation insurance
Workers' compensation insurance for healthcare professionals
Workers’ compensation is required in almost every state for healthcare businesses that have employees. Compare quotes with Insureon’s easy online application.
Wisconsin workers' compensation insurance

Wisconsin employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance unless they are self-insured or qualify for an exemption. This policy covers medical costs for workplace injuries and provides disability benefits.

West Virginia
West Virginia workers' compensation insurance

West Virginia requires all businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance, with some exceptions. This policy provides medical benefits and wage loss benefits for employees who are injured on the job.

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