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Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance
Professional liability insurance for photography and video professionals
Professional liability insurance, or E&O, protects photo or video professionals from lawsuits over mistakes or oversights. Compare quotes online with Insureon.
Professional liability insurance
Media liability insurance for media and advertising professionals
Media liability insurance, a type of E&O coverage, protects business owners from lawsuits over professional mistakes or oversights. Compare business insurance quotes online with Insureon.
General liability insurance
General liability vs. professional liability insurance

General liability and professional liability insurance both protect against common small business liabilities, but cover two different types of lawsuits. You may need to purchase one or both policies depending on your risks.

Professional liability insurance
Frequently asked questions about professional liability insurance
Professional liability insurance covers the costs of legal disputes over professional mistakes. Learn more about coverage, costs, and other considerations
Professional liability insurance
Is your small business required to carry professional liability insurance?

Client contracts often require professional liability insurance. Businesses in certain industries are also required to have this coverage.

Professional liability insurance
Professional liability insurance lawsuit examples

While disputes with clients over negligent, unfinished, or inadequate work make up the bulk of cases, professional liability lawsuits can also encompass similar disputes with business partners.

Professional liability insurance
What does professional liability insurance cover?

When a dissatisfied client sues over a mistake made by your business, professional liability insurance can cover your legal expenses, including the cost of hiring a lawyer.

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