Workers' compensation insurance
What does workers’ compensation insurance cover?

Workers’ compensation helps cover costs related to work injuries. Coverage includes everything from ambulance rides to medication and physical therapy.

Special event insurance
What is special event insurance?
Find out why a small business might need special event insurance and compare quotes from top-rated carriers with Insureon's easy online application.
Special event insurance
What does special event insurance cover?

This policy protects a business’s investment in an event, such as the cost of renting a venue. It also covers third-party property damage or injury up to your coverage limits.

Business interruption insurance
What is business interruption insurance?
Business interruption insurance helps pay for revenue losses if your business shuts down temporarily. Compare quotes online from top carriers with Insureon.
Business interruption insurance
What does business interruption insurance cover?
Business interruption insurance compensates your business for lost revenue and other expenses if a fire or other property insurance claim forces you to close your doors temporarily.
Business insurance glossary
Contingent business interruption insurance

Contingent business interruption is a form of small business insurance that provides financial assistance when the loss of a primary supplier, partner, or customer affects your ability to do business.

Business insurance glossary
Communicable disease rider

Most business insurance policies exclude claims related to infectious diseases. A communicable disease rider extends a policy's coverage to fill this gap. Note: Insureon does not offer this rider, but you may find this page helpful in your search for the right coverage.

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