Business owner's policy

Business owner's policy
How much does a business owner’s policy cost?

A BOP bundles general liability and commercial property insurance at a discount. Your level of risk, the value of your business property, and your policy limits will affect your costs.

Business owner's policy
Business owner’s policy for sports and fitness professionals
Compare business owner’s policy (BOP) insurance quotes for sports and fitness businesses from top U.S. carriers with an easy online application from Insureon.
Business owner's policy
What is a business owner’s policy?
Insureon helps businesses compare quotes from top carriers for a business owner’s policy and other small business insurance with an easy 15-minute application.
Business owner's policy
Frequently asked questions about business owner’s policy

A business owner’s policy is one of the most common commercial insurance policies. It’s highly customizable, so the specifics depend on your business. Find out how to get a policy, which businesses are eligible, and the answers to other frequently asked questions below.

Business insurance glossary
Business owner’s policy

A business owner’s policy (BOP) is defined as the combination of two important forms of insurance – commercial property and general liability – into one convenient package. Business owner’s policies usually cost less than buying the two coverages separately.

Business owner's policy
What does a business owner’s policy cover?

A business owner’s policy combines protection from property and liability risks in one package. A BOP protects businesses from common lawsuits with general liability insurance and covers business property with commercial property insurance.

Business owner's policy
Business owner’s policy requirements

Insureon’s licensed agents typically recommend a business owner’s policy for its coverage and affordability. Learn which businesses are eligible, how to take advantage of a BOP's flexibility, and when a business needs one.

Business owner's policy
How to apply for a BOP and get proof of coverage

Applying for a business owner's policy is similar to applying for general liability insurance and commercial property insurance separately. A BOP bundles these policies at a discount, but not all businesses are eligible.

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