Business insurance tips

Small business insurance
How do I get business insurance?
Take a few simple steps to evaluate your risks and compare policies online before purchasing small business insurance.
Small business insurance
Is business insurance tax deductible?

Small business owners can typically deduct the cost of business insurance from their taxable income.

Small business insurance
What does business insurance cover?

No single policy protects against all business risks. Different types of business insurance protect against customer injuries, property damage, cyberattacks, and other threats to your business.

Certificate of insurance
How to get a certificate of liability insurance for your small business

A certificate of liability insurance is an insurance policy's proof of purchase. In order to get one, you must buy a small business liability insurance policy. After the policy is issued, most certificates of insurance are available online.

General liability insurance
General liability vs. professional liability insurance

General liability and professional liability insurance both protect against common small business liabilities, but cover two different types of lawsuits. You may need to purchase one or both policies depending on your risks.

General liability insurance
General liability vs. workers' compensation insurance

Both general liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance provide coverage when someone is injured at your business. Learn the benefits offered by each policy and whether it's necessary for your business.

General liability insurance
General liability vs. errors and omissions insurance

General liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance both protect businesses against common liabilities, but they cover different types of lawsuits. 

General liability insurance
General liability insurance vs. business owner's policy

Both general liability insurance and a business owner's policy provide basic protection for your small business, so which one is right for you? Find out which policy fits best by taking a closer look at their benefits and differences.

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