California Insurance License: 0G11129

Entertainment. Technology. Avocados. These are the things that make California a force to be reckoned with. The state is an economic powerhouse all by itself. When compared to other countries, California consistently ranks in the top 10 global economies. Thanks to its thriving business environment and multitude of small businesses, California has a higher GDP than entire countries (we’re looking at you, Russia).

California leads the U.S. as the home for small businesses: over 670,000 CA businesses have fewer than 100 employees. And if you need more reason to set up shop in The Golden State, consider that it also leads the U.S. in avocado production. About 200,000 tons of that great, green guacamole fruit is grown each year.

But there’s much more to California than just its economy. The state is a great place to live, too. It’s a land of extremes, with both the highest and lowest elevations in the continental United States. You can visit the bustling metropolis of San Francisco or step away into the quiet sequoia forests. You can try to make your way into the ritzy world of Hollywood or pitch a new idea in Silicon Valley. You can sip on locally made wine or nibble on locally grown avocados. Or both. Seriously, you can’t get enough avocados in your life.

Before you set out to explore all that California has to offer, make sure your business and your livelihood are protected. The proper insurance helps your small business power California’s economic machine, and it gives you peace of mind as your client base grows.

California Business Owners: Keep Your Premiums Low

  • Don't include yourself under your Workers' Compensation policy. Though California law permits sole proprietors to cover themselves, you can save money by leaving yourself off the plan.
  • Choose a cash-value Property Insurance plan. Property coverage typically comes with two options: you can insure your gear at its current cash value or its replacement value. Cash-value coverage costs less because it pays out what your items are currently worth, rather than what they would be worth brand new.
  • Carry Umbrella Liability Insurance. If you feel the limits of your underlying policies aren't enough, check to see if you can cushion them with an Umbrella policy. You can add millions more in coverage to multiple plans for one low rate.

Californians: Protect Your Businesses with Small Business Insurance

In terms of GDP, you can't go wrong setting up shop in California. Its growth rate was 3.5 percent in 2012, making the Golden State's economy the fifth best in the nation. Plus, it's a haven for small-business owners. California has 3.4 million small businesses, which accounts for 99 percent of the state's employers. Small business employees make up 52 percent of the workforce. Learn more about California's many business perks by checking out the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development's article, "California Economy by the Numbers."

But to help your business truly thrive in California, you’ve got to take the necessary precautions to protect your investments. After all, the state is no stranger to forest fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Without adequate coverage, any of these events could mean millions in property damage – a cost that would have to come out of your pocket.

Keep your California-based business safe with General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance, and Employment Practices Liability Insurance tailored for your unique risks.

California Business Insurance Licensure Information

In California, insurance agents, agencies and brokers are licensed by the California Department of Insurance. In Insureon is licensed in California as BIN Insurance Holdings LLC (NPN 15752926) for Property & Casualty Insurance (License #0G11129) and for Surplus Lines (License #0G11129). Verify our licensure with the California Department of Insurance Name Search.

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