General Liability Questions for Your Business Insurance Agent
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7 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Insurance Agent about Your General Liability Insurance

A commercial insurance agent can help answer your questions about General Liability Insurance, such as…

  • What does my policy cover?
  • What happens if I have a claim?
  • Is this enough insurance to protect my business?

Whenever you need help navigating the choppy currents of insurance, a business insurance agent is the perfect resource, especially if they have experience insuring small businesses in your industry.

If you want to skip the legwork of searching for just the right agent, work with Insureon. We'll connect you with an insurance agent who knows your industry and the risks that come with it. Their firsthand insight allows them to talk shop about your business so you can figure out your coverage needs.

To make sure your conversation with your agent is productive, consider outlining what you want to know before you email or call your agent. Not sure where you want to start? These seven questions cover important basics of a General Liability policy:

  1. What’s covered (and what’s not)? There’s a reason General Liability Insurance is a crucial policy – it covers a lot of risks. That said, there's no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to insurance. You may need multiple policies to fully protect your business. Be sure to ask your agent what other coverages you may need.
  2. How do I submit a claim? Your agent can give you pointers on making the claims process easier. Be aware that when the time comes to file a claim, you'll need to contact your insurance company's claims department directly (not necessarily your agent).
  3. When should I submit a claim? As soon as possible. The sooner you alert your insurance company, the faster your claim can be resolved. Even if you’re just threatened with a lawsuit, make contact with your agent as a precaution.
  4. How much does my policy cover? What you're really asking your commercial insurance agent is, "What are my policy limits?" A limit is the total amount your policy can pay out. There are two limits for General Liability policies:  
    1. Aggregate limit is the most your policy will pay in a single year for all claims.
    2. Occurrence limit is the amount your policy can pay for any single claim.
  5. Are those limits enough for my needs? The appropriate limits depend on your business size, claims history, and industry. Your agent can help you determine which limits fit your business.
  6. How can I get more coverage? Umbrella Insurance can supplement your General Liability coverage when its limits have been reached. You can purchase Umbrella coverage in increments of $1 million, and it's often a cost-effective way to fulfill liability insurance requirements in client contracts.
  7. Do I have to pay for my insurance all at once? In order to receive your benefits, you need to pay a premium for your policy. Typically, you can pay this in monthly installments or as a single lump sum. Your agent can explain the pros and cons of these options.

Connect with a Business Insurance Agent through Insureon

Searching for insurance can seem overwhelming and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be! When you apply through Insureon, your commercial insurance agent will be just a call or click away to share their wisdom and answer your questions.

And don't worry – our agents understand that you're pressed for time. They won't talk your ear off with insurance jargon. Instead, they'll walk you through your coverage so you can make informed decisions.

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